Retail Merchants

We are rapidly moving towards becoming a cashless society with digital bill payment services. The ‘Scan & Pay’ mode is fast becoming the preferred way of buying and selling with retail merchants. In trend with the Bharat QR product by NPCI, we offer simplified bill payment solutions that are easy to integrate and enable a safe and secure transactional environment for all.
Key Features:

  • Access to QR code at every till across supermarkets
  • ‘Point and scan’ to make a payment
  • Easy payments through verified payment-app with a UPI QR reader can be used
  • Payment confirmation SMS to each individual till the manager
  • Quick merchant account settlement
  • Strong support and dispute resolution


Microinsurance is insurance with low premiums and low caps/coverage. At Mobileware, we facilitate microinsurance services at business correspondents and retail outlets. That allows customers to pay the agent in cash and get the insurance policy. Since microinsurance products are less costlier than traditional products, it becomes easier to onboard multiple insurers at the same time.
Mobileware’s ‘Licensed Model’ solutions are designed to provide organizations with better infrastructure support for easy integration with existing systems. We extend onsite as well as offsite support for maintaining the system and ensuring faster disaster recovery management.

Key Features:

  • Better Accessibility to the solution
  • Ability to make customizations when possible
  • Easy integration with the existing system

Bank Account Solutions

Mobileware offers a wide gamut of banking solutions that makes banking easy for the end consumer. Banks and financial institutions can deploy this solution to offer multiple benefits to their consumers.

The account opening solution allows paperless and seamless account opening, fund transfer, bill payment, and investment portfolio management services. Banking partners can benefit by offering easy account opening provisions to their consumers or have an assisted model for business associates.

Key Features:

  • Seamless account opening process for individuals
  • Business correspondents can deploy the assisted model for enabling account opening solutions
  • Complete transparency with fund transfers and statement
  • Safe and fast money transfer facility