Bharat Bill Payment System – BBPS

Recurring bill payments made simpler

Interoperability and accessibility at your fingertips

Innovate, Integrate, and

For merchants and billers, we offer an interoperable presence on all popular UPI apps to enable recurring payment collection.
For customer platforms, we enable seamless payment opportunities both online and offline.
For agents and agent institutions, we embed BBPS switch to collect payments and enhance monetization opportunities for every successful transaction.

Hosted BBPS Switch Offering


Simplify and expedite implementation for quick and seamless integration.

CBS integration

Enhance operational efficiency with easy integration.


Ensure robust connectivity to NPCI, facilitating smooth and efficient BBPS transactions.


Navigate certification processes seamlessly.

Agent institution module

Empower agent institutions with a dedicated module for enhanced functionality.

Agent portal

Equip agents with a comprehensive portal for efficient management.

Biller aggregation module

Streamline biller aggregation processes with our dedicated module.

Biller portal

Provide billers with an intuitive portal for effective management and monitoring.

Customer portal

Enhance the customer experience with a user-friendly portal for BBPS transactions.

Admin portal

Access a centralized administration portal for comprehensive control.


Implement systematic reconciliation processes for easy tracking.


Explore some Brands using Mobileware’s BBPS Switch Technology