TransXT is a simple, instant, secure, and scalable platform that elevates the process of transacting money across banks, businesses, fintech, start-ups, and consumers.
It is revolutionising the way payments are made!

    Advantages of using TransXT:

  • Pay-per-use model
  • Highest transactions success rate
  • Customised solutions
  • PCI DSS compliant
  • 24/7 customer support

How TransXT Works?

Nicknamed 'Bank in a Box', TransXT is a plug-and-play API Banking Platform that enables businesses to go live instantly. The platform sits easily into the existing systems ensuring interoperability. This unified platform creates a payment marketplace for customers and paves the way for effortless digital payments, using banks as a channel of service. Using TransXT, banks, merchants, fintech, and startups can further create monetization streams. It is designed to integrate seamlessly even with international regulatory frameworks. Want to know more about how TransXT can empower your business?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is TransXT?

TransXT is an API banking platform, helping banks monetise their digital payments platform and a payments API marketplace for the fintechs, startups and other corporates to integrate with their platforms.

What are the main benefits of using our platform vs direct integrations?

TransXT has easy to integrate, low complexity API modules that help partners integrate with Digital Payments systems. We help with these integrations that can take several months as financial institutions don't have the bandwidth to take them up.

How do we handle security of customer data?

TransXT is PCI DSS certified AWS hosted platform, the highest degree of data security possible. In addition, the entire data flow is encrypted, thereby keeping customer data secure.

How can I register for TransXT?

TransXT is a completely DIY (Do It Yourself) registration platform. There are multiple roles that an organisation can play, like a master distributor, distributor, agent network, and more. Each of the roles has its own registration flows, along with relevant data to be uploaded.

Is there a limit on the amount of funds in TransXT?

TransXT does not limit the transfer of funds, though it uses the guidelines provided by RBI for each of the channels. Thus, the limits are based on the type of transfer initiated.

What are the Charges for TransXT?

TransXT is a “Pay per use” platform, each payment channel/service has a well defined fee per slab or per transaction.

What are the documents needed for registering on TransXT?

Most Indian payments under the guidance of RBI require full KYC or minimum KYC, which would typically require Aadhar card, PAN card or some other address proof like drivers license. These are specific to the needs of the banks and the RBI in general.

Why should I choose TransXT?

TransXT is the best-in-class API banking platform. It helps customers with a faster GTM. The integrations are simple, secure and scalable. This helps businesses focus on their core expertise while TransXT takes care of the backend integrations for payments.

How is TransXT payment gateway different from other payment gateways in India?

TransXT is not a payment gateway. TransXT is an API banking solution, which is pre-integrated with multiple banks and other financial institutions that provides easy access to the payment channels under the RBI regulations.

Can I start accepting international payments instantly?

TransXT currently does not support Card payments or international remittances.

Can I get a tailored pricing for my business?

Yes, based on the volume of transactions and business, there can be tailored pricing. TransXT comes with a built-in commissioning module that helps build innovative pricing models.

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