Unified Payments Interface – UPI

Seamless Transactions, Limitless Possibilities

Powering Unified Payment Interface (UPI) payments for fast collections and effective banking

Innovate, Integrate, and

UPI is the most popular technological innovation that’s accelerating India’s digital payment landscape & boosting the cashless economy. We are proud to be powering it with our technology.

Hosted UPI Switch Offering


Smooth deployment for swift functionality.

CBS integration

Easy integration for streamlined and efficient operations.


Rigorous adherence to NPCI standards and certification processes.

VPA generation

Seamless generation of Virtual Payment Addresses for secure transactions.

QR code generation

Dynamic creation of QR codes to facilitate easy and secure payments.

Customer management

Robust tools for effective and personalized CRM.

Admin portal

Accessible and user-friendly portal for comprehensive control.

API/SDK for all channels

Integration-ready solutions.

Independent PSP app

A dedicated application empowering Service Providers with autonomy.

Merchant platform

Tailored platform for merchants, providing effortless transaction management.


Systematic reconciliation processes for accurate and transparent tracking.


Tailored solutions addressing specific needs and challenges for optimal performance.


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